November 2016

Personal Style

Everyday Basics

Before i started blogging full time, i got my dose of well styled outfits from bloggers like Akin Faminu, Cassie Daves,Grace Alex, and so many others. I think its awesome the calibre of bloggers we have in Nigeria whose amazing oufits and stunning and stirring styling ability sometimes makes you a little  jelly. I  love to style, sometimes, I think I love it more than designing… it even gets in…



I think that one of the few things I truly like is the wanderlust that my mom and I share. In a perfect world, we would be globe trotters and it’s amazing that we can share that feeling. So, for a short week and a couple of days which was supposed to be two weeks originally, my mom and I were in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We spent 6 days…