July 2018



Minimalism isn’t just a lifestyle choice it could also be a persons, personal style. How they dress and accessorise. Minimalist style features a limited color palette and a slim closet. So many moons ago, I thought I could fully live the minimalist lifestyle, with very few possessions, clean, simple and chic. Do I still want that? Of course, I just haven’t gotten the hang of clearing out my closet from…


Abuja Festival Checklist

Abuja Festival Checklist

Its festival season in the ‘buj. Very soon a bunch of Abuja festivals will be the place to be. EKPO’s Summer Bbq Fest is this month, TCM Festival should be here soon and so many others. Just this past Saturday was She Leads Africa’s Lafiya Lifestyle Festival. So, I thought that it’d be helpful to provide a checklist of the basics you need. This checklist isn’t so cumbersome so that…