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About Style by Ohaha

Style by Ohaha is a journey to self discovery. Stories about style, beauty and fashion.  As I tell my stories, I hope to help others find their own style. Style by Ohaha is  community of fashion, style and beauty lovers where individuality is celebrated. 

A style journal that tells stories that are inherently Nigerian and that resonate not just with the Nigerian audience but with the world. 

About Vanessa Ohaha 

A twenty something year old with a love for fashion and stories. On a journey to discovering her own personal style and beauty habits. That’s the spiel I’d give you if I wanted to bore you out of your mind.

Honestly, I’m a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger who lives in Abuja, Nigeria. Who hopes that one word at a time, I am connecting the world with African fashion and lifestyle. I like a good laugh and probably never smile in pictures except I’m laughing. 

Nice to meet you.