Favourite Instagram Accounts

Hi guys, its the begining of another week, though it doesn’t feel like it because its a holiday and everyone is home. I am excited to get to this post because it is short and sweet. Let’s get into it. Social media has taken over the world and almost every one is on one social […]


Hi guys , so this post is a little difficult to write, i’ve been in a bit of a slump (i’m tired of saying that) and I’m happy to say i’m slowly getting out of it. So here we go! I live in Abuja, Nigeria fondly called the ‘buj (by who i don’t know; i […]

Styling the Mom Jeans | Denim and White

The Mom jeans has become a phenomenon and has taken over the closets of every denim lover that exists… the Mom jeans is reminiscent of a style of denim mostly worn in the 80’s by ‘Moms’ (what does that even mean) . Over the last 2 years… a lot of bloggers and fashion influencers have […]

Currently I’m

So this is going to be sorta like a list post.. this is just going to give you guys a brief summary of what I’m currently about, doing and like. So let’s get into it… Currently I’m rocking a natural fro… for the past 11 months I’ve been transitioning from retouched hair to natural hair […]

Style Inspiration- Petite and Bold

This is my first style inspiration post ever and I chose Josie the creator of petiteandbold. Josie  is a blogger and shop owner (you can find her on etsy) . She’s originally from Burkina Faso but currently lives in Montreal, Canada. She’s my style inspiration because she calls out my very well hidden minimalist side and […]

The OUT Festival

Hi !!!!! Here comes the last post of the year and i’m pretty tickled and excited for the changes this new year brings, so lets get into it. There’s this assumption that Abuja is filled with pretty boring people and so nothing ever happens, well in the last few year especially 2016 , young people […]