Fave Street Style Looks

Street style is a major concept in the fashion world, orchestrated or spontaneous the most punchy fashion photos are usually of street style awesomeness. No fashion week documentation is complete without the most awesome street style looks in tow. From the extremely glamorous to the coolest casual chic looks. I think sometimes the street style […]

Favourite Instagram Accounts

Hi guys, its the begining of another week, though it doesn’t feel like it because its a holiday and everyone is home. I am excited to get to this post because it is short and sweet. Let’s get into it. Social media has taken over the world and almost every one is on one social […]

90’s Red Carpet Fly

I LOVE THE 90S! If you don’t know this about me, its not because i haven’t said it before, you just might be new to the blog space and if that is the case then here’s a huge welcome, no for real, i’m practically crushing you in a bear hug , or is it the […]

My Fashion Wishlist

So right now Nigeria is experiencing an economic reccession and its tough, i’m so broke right now, shopping is on hold, thrifting however is bae, hand me downs and free stuff will be truly appreciated. But no matter how bad the reccession is my dreams are mine and my wishes still hold sway. So i […]