April 2018

Personal Style

Clash Course-A Pink and Red Pictorial.

This past month I’ve been all about the pink and red trend. From high fashion, to high street to street wear, pink and red is everywhere.  Spring 2018 brought along with it some amazing trends. My favorite is probably the pink and red trend. That’s a lot to say because they are two of my least favorite colors. However, the two of them together are a winning combination.…


How To Wear Clashing Colors- Pink and Red

Clashing colors are in. The colors that clash the best and break all fashion rules are PINK and RED. Wearing these two colors for a very long time was a fashion faux pas. However, Spring 2018 heralds a new day. The risk takers are finally right. You can wear pink and red and not look like a total nutcase.…


Is Blogging Dead? The Future of Fashion Journalism.

In the last fashion article it was established that print fashion media is dying a slow death. There are hopes of survival but the future is uncertain. The conversation about the death of print has been ongoing for years. A new conversation however, has begun. The conversation about the future of blogs. The death of blogging ? …


Clashing Colors- A Pink and Red Trend Report

Clashing colors or as it is know in this part of the world, color riot. Once upon a time the rules of fashion dictated that certain colors should never be worn together. Things change however, color blocking brought on a new era. The juxtaposition of colors became a fashion staple. Color blocking went out of style a couple years ago. Pink and red though is in.…


Is Print Fashion Journalism Dead?

Freelance fashion writing and microblogging

Print media used to be the only way we could see the latest runway collections. That has all changed , we see it all as it happens. Instagram Live, Twitter Live, Snapchat, Facebook Live, YouTube Live etc. Fashion has become more accessible and our appetites more voracious, our attention spans shorter.…


Skincare Update & Product Review

Clearasil and Neutrogena Skincare products

I remember having the best skin when I was younger and then puberty changed it all.  As I grow older skincare becomes more and more important to me. For the longest time I used to do the barest minimum. However, as 2018 began, I made a promise to make a conscious effort.…