April 2016


Nice to meet you

Hey guys, I know that in my last post i mentioned doing an introductory post for you guys to tell you all about myself, so here we go. My name is Vanessa and i have been blogging for a couple years and have been loving it. I might sound like a cliche but i started blogging because i love fashion and personal style especially mine lol, of course i love…

Personal Style

Floating on a Cloud

So hey guys do you remember as a child when all you wanted to wear was a tutu because it made you feel like you were walking, sitting and floating on a cloud ? Well i wanted to recreate that feeling and so i decided to make myself a tulle skirt ( and yes i do sew, long story i’ll tell you all about it). Also do you remember when…

Personal Style

Vintage and Bohemian Love Story.

So I have always been in love with vintage and vintage style clothing, because of the lines and silhouette and the way that it enhances the female figure even when it is menswear inspired. The fabric, the colour all made and still makes absolute sense to me. The problem is where I’m from (Nigeria) it’s not in our culture to keep clothing, so there are no vintage stores, no dresses…