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An African Princess in An Arabian Forte

This is a love story between an African Princess and an Arabian Forte. As she walked through the forte gates, hummingbirds sang to herald her arrival. She closed her eyes and pictured herself in one of her favorite Arabian folklore; The Lost City of Atlantis of the Sands. The Lost City of  Atlantis of the  Sands is a legend very similar to that of the lost city of Atlantis, only…


Vacation/Resort Fashion For Less.

It appears that everyone and their grandma is either on vacation or planning one and it is giving me the jellies. Yes, I said it, I'm jealous and honestly I don't think I'm prepared for the onslaught of FOMO I'm about to have. Especially with the vacation/ resort fashion.…


LFWNG Not So FROW 3: Tokyo James and Mai Atafo

The final day of LFWNG 2018 is wrought excitement and nervous energy. Outside the runway tents, whispers of leather, of womens wear and Tokyo can be heard. Tokyo James is debuting his first women’s collection.  As the first female model walked down the runway , Savage, Sexy, Sweet ran through my mind. The silhouette, though sheath like, fit like a glove as it grazed the curves of the models beautifully.…


LFWNG Not so FROW 2: Gozel Green+ Style Temple

My runway analysis on LFWNG continues. You can read my first runway report here. The schedule for LFWNG  Day 2 of runway shows was sprinkled through with a few unknown and household name designers.  One of the newer/unknown designers was Gozel Green. Gozel Green had one of the most successful leisure wear collections shown at LFWNG. Dressy athliesure and urban street wear chic were attempted but not quite executed like…



Minimalism isn’t just a lifestyle choice it could also be a persons, personal style. How they dress and accessorise. Minimalist style features a limited color palette and a slim closet. So many moons ago, I thought I could fully live the minimalist lifestyle, with very few possessions, clean, simple and chic. Do I still want that? Of course, I just haven’t gotten the hang of clearing out my closet from…


Abuja Festival Checklist

Abuja Festival Checklist

Its festival season in the ‘buj. Very soon a bunch of Abuja festivals will be the place to be. EKPO’s Summer Bbq Fest is this month, TCM Festival should be here soon and so many others. Just this past Saturday was She Leads Africa’s Lafiya Lifestyle Festival. So, I thought that it’d be helpful to provide a checklist of the basics you need. This checklist isn’t so cumbersome so that…


INFLUENCER’S CUT – Ije of Beauty Frenzy Blog.

Beauty Frenzy Blog TOP 5 Skincare Products

In order to create fresh and new content,  a new post series begins. Influencers cut will be a conversation with various influencers asking their top 5 products, tips etc in their specific niche. To get things started, we have Ije of Beauty Frenzy Blog. A Nigerian beauty influencer and skin care enthusiast. I asked Ije to provide a list of her top 5 products for clear skin . …

Fashion Personal Style


Style is an important part of human culture. It is however, incredibly difficult to narrow down one’s style. The general consensus though, is style that is timeless and remains fresh no matter the era.  One of the most timeless items in fashion is denim and the most timeless color is white. As a pair denim and white transcends era and age. Denim and white is classy and timeless.  This post…


Nigerian ‘Summer’ Checklist

Summer is in quotes because even though it’s summer around the world its rainy season in Nigeria. I live in Abuja, and as much as it is the rainy season, we have a few really hot days. It can be really hard to dress for the weather because there are unexpected changes. One minute the sun is shining really bright and the next minute, the clouds come out. Here is…