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2019 Trends Redo

Square neck floral top

A Milkmaid, a Space Traveler and a Snake charmer walk into a bar… I don’t know how the rest goes, but those were some of the biggest trends of 2019. So far on the blog we’ve styled each of those trends and so I thought, would it be overkill to style all those trends in one look? So this post is a trend redo.…


Suiren – A Summer Fashion Editorial

I finally got to work with Temidayo Johnson of King and Johnson after almost three years and the result is this fashion editorial; Suiren. Suiren is the Japanese word for ‘water lily’ but also is the term for aquatic skills aimed at helping a Shinobi or Samurai while swimming.…

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Okrika Chronicles : Jewelry Editorial

The Okrika Chronicles are tales from my thrift experiences. In this chronicle we discuss okrika (thrift) jewelry. I rarely wear jewelry and so making the transition from a full head of hair with which I could get away with no jewelry to a being a bald queen who had to double up on the accessories was hard. However, thrifting came through for me, as always. When I found a pile…


White & Beige in Spring? Weather Fashion!

Around the world its spring but here in Abuja Nigeria, the hot/dry season is here! The first rains might have had us fooled but its been hotter as the days go bye. So I decided to shoot a weather appropriate look and it so happens to feature White and Beige tones. This weather appropriate look was mostly inspired but breathable fabric . What fabric will be best for the heat .…


Vacation/Resort Fashion For Less.

It appears that everyone and their grandma is either on vacation or planning one and it is giving me the jellies. Yes, I said it, I'm jealous and honestly I don't think I'm prepared for the onslaught of FOMO I'm about to have. Especially with the vacation/ resort fashion.…


LFWNG Not So FROW 3: Tokyo James and Mai Atafo

The final day of LFWNG 2018 is wrought excitement and nervous energy. Outside the runway tents, whispers of leather, of womens wear and Tokyo can be heard. Tokyo James is debuting his first women’s collection.  As the first female model walked down the runway , Savage, Sexy, Sweet ran through my mind. The silhouette, though sheath like, fit like a glove as it grazed the curves of the models beautifully.…