4 Favorite Affordable Ethical/ Sustainable Fashion Brands.

You may be wondering why I’m talking sustainable fashion all of a sudden.

I probably haven’t mentioned it on here but I’m taking a Fashion & Sustainability online course hosted by London College of Fashion in collaboration with Kering. This course has opened me up to a world of issues the fashion industry has. How much it is contributing to the ecological problems in the world today. So, I began exploring ways in which I can do my part, which led me to exploring sustainable fashion brands. But, you know me now, I begun looking into affordable brands.

Affordable means different things to different people but there is no denying that many of the sustainable fashion brands out there are making ethical clothing that comes with a steep price tag. This is mainly because the cost of producing ethical clothing is also high. However, choosing to adopt a more sustainable wardrobe makes sense both financially and ethically. If we choose to purchase our clothing with thought and intention, we ultimately will spend less, and save more by producing less waste.

So while there will never be a sustainable clothing brand selling clothes at the ultra low prices that Old Navy, Forever 21, and H&M are known for, most sustainable clothing brand prices will be toe to toe with brands like J. Crew, Free People etc. So if you are someone who can afford to shop at the retailers above, you absolutely have the means to switch to purchasing from sustainable fashion brands today.

So here are 4 favorite affordable sustainable fashion brands.


Looking for an ethical fashion alternative to Free People or J Crew? then Everlane is the perfect sustainable clothing brand for you. Personally, I love Everlane for their timeless and comfort driven style. They offer well designed basics from easy stylish t-shirts to some of the softest jeans that are perfect for the conscious consumer. Plus they ship worldwide!


Tradlands prides itself on creating pieces you can wear with everything and live in for years to come. Their clothing focuses on timeless, well-made essentials that redefine the meaning of effortless style. Tradlands also prioritizes ethical working practices and a fair, livable wage. They also ship worldwide!


Able; ethical and sustainable fashion brand

Able is a lifestyle brand focused on challenging the culture of the fashion industry by creating transformative opportunities for women. At ABLE 96% of the employees are women. The lowest wages are published to improve transparency and increase the demand for fair wages in the fashion industry.

Second hand = Sustainable Fashion

While the above are among the most accessible from a cost standpoint currently within the sustainable fashion industry, the most cost effective option with arguably the best environmental impact will almost always be to purchase second hand.

Buying second hand doesn’t mean that you will necessarily be buying sustainably made clothing brands. It is one of the best ways that you can support a more sustainable fashion industry, and ensure that the longevity of the clothing that already exists is extended. Which segues into my last favorite sustainable fashion brand;


Thred Up, second hand fashion = sustainable fashion

ThredUp is the largest online consignment and thrift store and you know how much I love a good a thrift session. So why not thrift online! You can also sell some if your pre-loved clothing items and help reduce fashion waste!

The work that needs to be done to make the fashion industry sustainable and ethical and eco friendly is hard and it’s a long road and we need to all do it together. So here’s some simple ways to aid the work.

  • Develop an understanding on how raw materials are produced and their impact on the environment.
  • Ask more questions about where and who makes the clothes you own and purchase.
  • Buy a lot less, clothes that last longer. Buy secondhand.
  • Remember, we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we’re used to.

Lots of Love,

4 Replies to “4 Favorite Affordable Ethical/ Sustainable Fashion Brands.”

  1. Wawu! I was here thinking that you would mention Yaba or CMS for thrifting. Ah, I never knew it could be done right off the internet.
    Thanks for sharing Ohaha.
    Happy that you’re taking this further with an online course.
    Just curious, does ThredUp also deal in Male clothing?

  2. The prices of ethical fashion products are too high. Why will I shop them when they next to luxury items? Even luxury can be gotten cheap in shein. Maybe some day not now. My bank balance first

    1. The reason they might appear too high is because the cost of producing garments that are good for the environment is high and a lot of the ethics behind these brands involve not just eco friendly material but well being of the farmers, garment makers, and even communities. S o when you think about how much not just the environment benefits but also people like you who suffer from working for fast fashion brands who don’t pay even minimum wage and sometimes are involved in child labor and modern day slavery, the worth of ethical fashion products increases. However, if you’d rather purchase luxury brands, then how about purchasing from luxury brands who embrace ethical processes and standards.

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