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A Study of Harmattan Earth tones and Movement .

Portrait in fabric movement

Sometime in January, I got back together with Kelechi Orode, one of my favorite photographers in Abuja. This time we decided to explore Abuja’s earth tones in the harmattan haze, while also exploring drapery and movement in clothing.

It was an exhilarating day, everything just seemed to work just right. The wind blew just enough to capture garments in motion. The sun shone enough for the brown earth to glimmer.

We released a few images as a teaser and here’s your shot to see more of what we created together.

Portrait with gold highlights
Movement in fabric
Earth tones in harmattan
Portrait in the harmattan haze
Drapery x Movement x Earthtones

There it is! Our Study on Abuja In Harmattan, Earth tones and Movement. I think it’s a fitting first blog post of 2020, don’t you think?

Photographed by Kelechi Orode

Styled by Vanessa Ohaha

Outfit Details

  • White Linen pants, thrifted
  • Mules, thrifted
  • White silk blouse DIY with extra fabric for draping.

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  • Edna Okosi

    This is just so wowww

  • Tonye

    This is really beautiful Vanessa. I’m in awe of these images. You and Kelechi did an exceptional job and i’m so proud. I’m glad you chose to stick with us and not leave blogging. Love You!

    • Vanessa Akin-Adesola

      I still deal with wanting leave, every other day. but I’m trying to get my mojo back. Thank you so much.


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