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2019 Trends Redo

Square neck floral top

A Milkmaid, a Space Traveler and a Snake charmer walk into a bar… I don’t know how the rest goes, but those were some of the biggest trends of 2019. So far on the blog we’ve styled each of those trends and so I thought, would it be overkill to style all those trends in one look? So this post is a trend redo.…


Clashing Colors- A Pink and Red Trend Report

Clashing colors or as it is know in this part of the world, color riot. Once upon a time the rules of fashion dictated that certain colors should never be worn together. Things change however, color blocking brought on a new era. The juxtaposition of colors became a fashion staple. Color blocking went out of style a couple years ago. Pink and red though is in.…


Scotch on Frocks- Plaid Trend Report

This post is a trend report on a Fabric trend that has made its way from fall 2017 to an all season round trend. Plaid. Trends arguably drive the fashion industry, they are the perfect blend of catwalk, celebrity and high street. Fabric trends on an industry level make the most sense. Fabrics are time consuming to produce and it makes economic sense to have a certain color or textile…