Clashing Colors- A Pink and Red Trend Report

Clashing colors or as it is know in this part of the world, color riot. Once upon a time the rules of fashion dictated that certain colors should never be worn together. Things change however, color blocking brought on a new era. The juxtaposition of colors became a fashion staple. Color blocking went out of style a couple years ago. Pink and red though is in.

Vogue called it the new black and white. Quite ambitious I say. Black and white are the classics. Do pink and red have the fortitude to be the new classics? While it might seem impossible, there is a good chance that this is the case. All over the Spring 2018 Ready to Wear runways were splashes of red and pink. On the streets, on blogs, pink and red have begun to make their mark.

This trend report will look at the pink and red trend from three aspects. Runway, Street Wear and High Street brands.

Clashing Colors on the Runway

Spring is in full bloom and I consider it my duty to help you make the right fashion choices. Where can you find out where fashions head is at? Runways! That’s right. All over the Spring 2018 Ready to Wear runways, fashion brands showed their love for the clashing read and pink colors. Here are three different brands rocking this trend.

Pink and Red Maje SS2018
Mother of Pearl red and pink striped garment
Mother of Pearl Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

Street Style in a Pink and Red Flush

Street style is an important part of a trend’s life span. If no one is wearing it, then its not a trend. Well, well (lol, this reference will most likely go over a lot of heads but I had to). Well, people are definitely wearing this trend. Here are a couple of street wear images. The first is from the London Fashion Week. The second is from Paris Fashion Week. The third image is from fashion and lifestyle blogger, Jennifer Amani on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria.

Jenny Walton in Uniqlo Jacket and Simone Rocha Jacket.
Jiyoung Kim in Burberry Jacket and Balenciaga boots
Jennifer Amani on the streets of Lagos.

High Street Fashion Brands on Trend

This part was a bit difficult, only because very few high street fashion brands had color blocked red and pink garments. There are however, individual pieces in the two colors and you can wear them together. How to style this trend will be featured soon on the blog. However below are two high street takes on the trend.

Pretty Little Thing Color Blocked Sweater

You can shop the jumper here and the bum bag here

There you have it, the new black and white. Don’t just watch clashing colors take over fashion, be a part of the ride.


Asos Colour Block Fanny Pack from ASOS.

Mother of Pearl photographed by Marcus Tondo from Vogue Runway

Maje from Vogue Runway

Johanna Ortiz photographed by Aldo Decaniz from Vogue Runway

Jenny Walton and Jiyoung Kim photographed by Phil Oh from Vogue Runway.

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