How To Wear Clashing Colors- Pink and Red

Clashing colors are in. The colors that clash the best and break all fashion rules are PINK and RED. Wearing these two colors for a very long time was a fashion faux pas. However, Spring 2018 heralds a new day. The risk takers are finally right. You can wear pink and red and not look like a total nutcase.You can read my report on this color clashing trend here.

This post will provide you with three styling options. These will help you incorporate this trend into your everyday closet.


Accessories are an easy way to dip your pinky into a trend pool. Its a way to be part of a trend without fully committing.

Clashing colors in the accessories

  • Style a monochrome look. All black, all white, all nude etc.
  • Throw in pink and red accessories. A pink shoe and a red bag will do just fine. It can be sunglasses,jewelery, a scarf anything really.


Pink and red floral print dress

  • Wear a dress or pants in a print that has both colors. So rather than deal with picking out separate pieces, wear a print that has both colors. Saves time money and energy. You’re welcome!
  • Go neutral with the accessories. Pick a color that would pop against the print. For example the white shoes pop against the print in the slip dress.


This is for the adventurous people, the risk takers. You most likely have worn this before it was a trend.

  • Style a top and bottom using the two colors. The top could be red and the bottom pink or vice versa
  • Style an all pink or an all red look . Make sure that there ar different shades of pink or red throughout the look. Then throw on the clashing color with a jacket or hat.

Again, the best advice I can give is to be yourself. Individuality is the best part of fashion and style. We are all on separate journeys to discovering our personal style, so have fun along the way.


P.S These are my first fashion flat lays. I obviously have a long way to go. I’ll keep trying my hand at them, till I’m a pro.

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