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Clashing Colors for Work- Pink and Red Redo

In the spirit of redoing each spring/summer trend I blogged about, this is a restyle of the clashing colors trend. Red and Pink are arguably the two most clashed colors of all time. However, Spring/Summer 2018 has made them staples. In my first styling of the clashing colors trend, I went the editorial route. For this post, I will be styling a work appropriate look featuring pink and red.…


How To Wear Clashing Colors- Pink and Red

Clashing colors are in. The colors that clash the best and break all fashion rules are PINK and RED. Wearing these two colors for a very long time was a fashion faux pas. However, Spring 2018 heralds a new day. The risk takers are finally right. You can wear pink and red and not look like a total nutcase.…


Clashing Colors- A Pink and Red Trend Report

Clashing colors or as it is know in this part of the world, color riot. Once upon a time the rules of fashion dictated that certain colors should never be worn together. Things change however, color blocking brought on a new era. The juxtaposition of colors became a fashion staple. Color blocking went out of style a couple years ago. Pink and red though is in.…