Clashing Colors for Work- Pink and Red Redo

In the spirit of redoing each spring/summer trend I blogged about, this is a restyle of the clashing colors trend. Red and Pink are arguably the two most clashed colors of all time. However, Spring/Summer 2018 has made them staples. In my first styling of the clashing colors trend, I went the editorial route. For this post, I will be styling a work appropriate look featuring pink and red.

For tips on how to style clashing colors see here

How to Wear Clashing Colors to Work

  • Choose a muted variant of one of the colors. In this case a muted pink, perhaps, a blush pink almost bordering on nude. Such muted colors are workplace friendly.
  • Wear a dress or pants in that muted pink as a base color.
  • Throw on a red blazer for the pop.
  • Use neutral accessories. A black shoe and bag or maybe a nude shoe and bag. Neutral tones will detract from the bright colors.

I decided to style a retro inspired look using a longline jacket that used to belong to my mother #handmedownqueen. I wear that moniker with pride because some of the best things come from my mom’s closet, especially things from when she was younger. The look I styled was pictured in the how to style clashing colors post and was requested my a few people. So here goes guys.

Clashing colors for work

Retro clashing colors

There it is guys. My take on clashing colors for work. You can use the tips, I provided for other colors as well and not just pink and red.

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