Scotch on Frocks- Plaid Trend Report

This post is a trend report on a Fabric trend that has made its way from fall 2017 to an all season round trend. Plaid.

Trends arguably drive the fashion industry, they are the perfect blend of catwalk, celebrity and high street. Fabric trends on an industry level make the most sense. Fabrics are time consuming to produce and it makes economic sense to have a certain color or textile in demand for a specific season.

Spring/Summer 2018 is almost here and plaid is back. However, there is the age old confusion between Plaid or Tartan. Which is right? Tartan is a pattern consisting of multiple colored criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands. Plaid is a specific type of garment that Scots wore to protect themselves from the cold. The word plaid is derived from the Gaelic word Plaide meaning Blanket . The pattern woven into that garment was Tartan. So for the purpose of this trend report we will be using Plaid.

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To discuss fully this trend we will look at it from three perspectives, Catwalk, Celebrity and High Street.


All over the catwalk for Spring/Summer 2018 Plaid made appearances. Here are three images from different runway shows.

Plaid pattern block Pants
Balenciaga Spring Summer 2018


Plaid shirt and skirt by hermes


Plaid Fendi Bag

From Balenciaga to Hermes RTW to Fendi bags. Pants, Skirts, Shirts, Dresses, Accessories. Plaid ruled the runway.


Next is how celebrities are rocking this trend.

Olivia Palermo wearing Plaid
Olivia Palermo in Plaid
Victoria Beckham in Plaid

High Street

High street fashion is the final nail that makes a trend successful. When high street fashion brands produce garments using a trending fabric, color, it means that the public has access to the trend. The cycle of a trend’s life is not complete till it gets to the public. Below are a couple pictures from different high street brands stocking Plaid.

Plaid Jumpsuit from New Look
Jumpsuit from NEW LOOK


Plaid dress from Top Shop
Plaid Knot Dress from TOP SHOP
Plaid boots from Miss Selfridged

These High Street options are an affordable way to incorporate the trend into your closet.

How to Wear Plaid

The next two posts on the blog will detail how to incorporate this trend into your closet. So come back and read that.



Balenciaga Image from Fashion Gone Rogue

Hermes Runway Image from WWD

Fendi Bag Imaga from Purse View

Victoria Beckham Image from Who What Wear

Olivia Palermo Image from In Style, Taken by Michael Simon Startraks Photo.


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  1. Plaid is definitely here to stay. I think I’m going to do a post on the difference between fabric patterns; plaid and tartan inclusive. People still mix them up all the time. Love the format of this post as well.
    We await the subsequent ones.

    WanShyGirl Blog

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