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Scotch in Spring- Plaid Redo

Have I mentioned how much I love plaid. Scratch that, I love all things Scot. The fashion industry has in recent years developed an obsession with the fabric. From avant garde interpretations to street wear. Plaid is everywhere. You can read my report on plaid as a trend here. This month of May, I will be restyling the Spring/Summer trends I reported on this year.This post is a restyling of…

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The Heritage Post

Heritage; something that is handed down from the past as a tradition. Tradition; beliefs or behaviors passed down within a society with special importance and origins from the past. A major part of tradition is clothing (fashion). Every society around the world has  traditional clothing. These are fabrics, articles of clothing attached to their cultural identity In the last couple of years beginning in Fall/Winter 2016, British fabrics like tweed, herringbone…


Scotch on Frocks- Plaid Trend Report

This post is a trend report on a Fabric trend that has made its way from fall 2017 to an all season round trend. Plaid. Trends arguably drive the fashion industry, they are the perfect blend of catwalk, celebrity and high street. Fabric trends on an industry level make the most sense. Fabrics are time consuming to produce and it makes economic sense to have a certain color or textile…