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Heritage; something that is handed down from the past as a tradition.

Tradition; beliefs or behaviors passed down within a society with special importance and origins from the past.

A major part of tradition is clothing (fashion). Every society around the world has  traditional clothing. These are fabrics, articles of clothing attached to their cultural identity

In the last couple of years beginning in Fall/Winter 2016, British fabrics like tweed, herringbone and Scottish traditional tartans were all over the runway.

The obsession with these fabrics haven’t simmered down. Plaid and Tartans are a major trend for Spring/Summer 2018. YOU can read a trend report here.

A Heritage Sandwich

Incredibly inspired , I created and a shot a  look. In my opinion its the best of both worlds, a heritage sandwich.

I upcyled a thrifted tartan skirt into a two piece bandeau top and skirt. Also to add to this sandwich I put my hair in Bantu knots.

Choosing the right location to shoot this look was important. A location that reflected the Nigerian heritage and serve as a contrast to the tartan was key. These huts at the Cyprian Ekwensi Center for Arts and Culture were perfect.

Heritage Tartan Bandeau top

Huts, Tartan, A heritage sandwich

Co-ord set in heritage tartan

Co-ords in Heritage Tartan

Co-ords in Heritage Tartan

The Sun, Bantu Knots and Thatched Roofs-My Heritage

Bantu Knots and Thatched Roofs

Outfit Details.

Skirt- Thrifted 300 Naira and then upcycled into a CO-ORD

Bag- Thrifted 500 Naira

Bantu Knots- ME!




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