On YouTube and Fashion Content Creating.

It’s the second entry into my microblog, better late than never right? Well today, we’re going to be talking about YouTube and Fashion content creating in Nigeria.


Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I started a YouTube channel and my intent is to create the avant-garde yet relatable fashion videos. It’s been a challenge to say the least. A lot to do with my perfectionist yet self critiquing personality, which results in my not only second guessing my ideas. I obsess over every detail and then eventually talk myself out of it. I will create the fashion videos I dream of though, by whatever means possible.

My First Fashion Film

YouTube is hard and has shone the spotlight on my imposter syndrome. My Sony A-6000 requires a specific kind of SD card to enable shoot in AVCHD.
I haven’t found one yet and so I can currently only record in MP4 and so after editing the final video on YouTube is not the best quality (read as not enough for me). The extremely high expectations I have of myself and for the content I put out is why I haven’t recorded a YouTube video in over a month. I do however, have three videos currently up on my channel (two of which are embedded in this post) and would really appreciate your watching these videos and subscribing to my channel. 

Get to know me.


Being a fashion content creator in Nigeria comes with its on specific challenges. Be it  location challenges; from restaurants and establishments restricting your use of photography equipment or the pressure to ‘‘add value’’ but what if I just want to play dress up and write a little prose to accompany my photos? It can also be extremely challenging to establish a connection with the very small community of fashion content lovers in Nigeria and also creating content that has international appeal, while still staying true to ones self. 

With Instagram it can be super hard to remember that I have a blog and just create content straight for IG. Especially as many say they don’t read blogs anymore and just want to look at pictures, but I’m more than just a visual content creator. I also enjoy creating written content and it can be super demoralizing to put so much into a blog piece that no one reads. Which is why I basically abandoned my blog but this microblog entries are an opportunity to get back to writing on the blog.

Are you a fashion content creator in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world? What are the challenges you face with creating fashion content? Let’s talk in the comments. 

There it is the second microblog entry, on YouTube and fashion content creating. Till tomorrow’s entry,


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