Vintage and Bohemian Love Story.

So I have always been in love with vintage and vintage style clothing, because of the lines and silhouette and the way that it enhances the female figure even when it is menswear inspired. The fabric, the colour all made and still makes absolute sense to me. The problem is where I’m from (Nigeria) it’s not in our culture to keep clothing, so there are no vintage stores, no dresses from grandma that she wore in her youth and even if they were available they are not well maintained thus unwearable as there are no clothing rehabilitators.

However, the idea of vintage clothing always remained with me and so I reverted to wearing retro clothing i.e. the dresses and pants
and jumpsuits that my mom and her sisters had when they were younger and I would look for them and wear them, the ones in good condition that is. So last month my mother found this ‘AGBADA’ that her elder sister had and it was my size and so I laundered it and then last week I decided to wear it and of course I updated the look with colour blocking in my accessories. Enjoy.



Ok so I told you my vintage/retro love story, now let me tell you guys how I fell in love with bohemian clothing. So I consider myself a
very free spirit and it carries through to my personal style, no boundaries except of course the boundaries of decency. Bohemian clothing is in itself loose, free and very freeing. Unlike vintage style clothing with bohemian fashion its mostly about the styling so it’s pretty easy to get bohemian fashion in Nigeria, it’s about finding really strong pieces and putting them together as well as amazing jewelry. So I have no pictures of me in bohemian clothing though I would love to do a post on that later on. However, I am
obsessed with this bohemian fashion line called DOEN. You can check out their website and see their latest collection on .

So loves have a great week and share how your love for fashion began. I would love to do a post about all your stories.

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