Bohemian Love Story Update


So remember when I told you guys how I fell in love with vintage and bohemian clothing? Well I want to tell you guys a bit more about my love for bohemian clothing.

Being bohemian is more than just a fashion style it’s a state of mind, a way to express yourself and connect with different cultures and nature. It has a mix of casual, hippie 70s style and ethnic along with vintage.

Boho chic however is a way to dip your pinkie into the bohemian lifestyle through fashion and style. Boho chic style is luxurious and expensive while still having the same components as bohemian style. Neutral tones work the best when trying to venture into boho chic style; nude, tan, fringe, lace, leather and even denim all fall into the boho chic style.

This shoot was a lot of fun, erm I thought about how I could best express my love for bohemian style and truth is I had a lot of options and it was work narrowing down my options, trust me; one day it was a lot of colour and textures and mixed patterns and the next it was lace and denim and the next it was all tan and amazing jewellery.

Finally, I settled on all of it, I know insane right, it was work but it was fun and I think I encompassed my love for bohemian fashion and showed my personal style; So I mixed textures with a lace and linen dress and a wool blanket cape and a pair of suede boots. I added colour with my flower crown.

For the shoot we still wanted to showcase the mix of textures with the soft look and rough background. It was beautiful and I think I’m going on and on about the shoot. So here are some pictures


The outfit details;

A lace and linen dress: The Ordinary Cargo (So this dress is really old and I didn’t remember how cleavage baring the dress is probably because I had no cleavage when I first got it)

Blanket cape: ASOS

Tan boots: Daisy Street.

P.S I would love to see you take on bohemian style and fashion.

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