Slip Dresses for Autumn


Hi, its a style post again…

This shoot was really fun and its because i’m on vacation in the UAE and even though its fall everywhere else its still really warm here in Abu Dhabi so this style post really works.

Slip dresses were the it outfit for summer and they were everywhere and a lot of bloggers have been doing the how to wear slip dresses for autumn and true jackets and button down shirts are fierce with slip dresses but for people like me who live in Nigeria where now is the dry season which is really dry and hot; jackets and button down shirts aren’t the best option for the heat… which is why i’m doing this post which is a way to wear slip dresses in autumn where its still hot but slightly cool at night.

So i paired an ankara Style by Ohaha slip dress with a plain white tee shirt (to keep me warm from the cool evening breeze) some sandals and a baseball cap (protection from the sun).  Oh yeah and some glasses.






Outfit Details

Slip Dress-  Style by Ohaha original designed and made by me… and they are up for orders (so yeah place orders guys)

White tee- Hanes

Sandals- Asos

Glasses- New Look

Cap- Some random black cap.

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  1. HEY i like your mix from cles.orth… NOT boring 🙂 real shit rocks! 🙂 peace & love if you like check my blog … you make me happy!

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