The OUT Festival

Hi !!!!! Here comes the last post of the year and i’m pretty tickled and excited for the changes this new year brings, so lets get into it.

There’s this assumption that Abuja is filled with pretty boring people and so nothing ever happens, well in the last few year especially 2016 , young people have taken steps to change that . In this year alone a number of events have successfully pulled out a large turnout from Abuja ‘cool kids’… like The Tamerri Festival, a two day event ealier in the year, sort of like Abuja’s own Coachella, then there was The Food Expo (there have been about 3 this year), the TCM festival, Agon 4 and 5, The TRACE party , Summer BBQ Fest and on Monday, Abuja turned out for Xmas BBQ Fest.

However before the Xmas BBQ Fest was The OUT Festival amd truth be told the OUT Festival was my fave for maybe a very silly reason; what the festival was called proved awesome for cool hashtags like #LetsgoOUT #WeOUThere #areyouOUT  #iwentOUT and so many others, however the main hashtags for the festival was #TheOUTFestival and this was becasue there was a twitter wall and so using that hashtag got your tweet up on the wall.

Let me be serious here for a minute, late coming and practiclly no concept of time will not let Abuja be great. Not to sound conceited i like being on time (its a bone of contention with my friends who always come late to places) So the ads said 2 and i should have known better and gotten there like 5 but ‘miss puncutual’ feeling like i was late i got there at 3.30 and the place was so empty except for vendors still setting up and a few early birds like me, but there was an upside to me going early; i didn’t have to pay the entrance fee.


However waiting paid off as people began to stream in , now the thing about Abuja is if you’re new and you have no friends you better be able to make new ones asap, because most Abuja events is just people running into people they know and so its sort of ‘clique-ey’. Now most of my friends didn’t make it, but i did meet new friends and serendipitously ran into people i havent seen in a while so it turned out alright..


The OUT FEstival had the best people backing it though and no i’m not talking about AGON. EDC, BANTU STUDIO (notice how i sneakily mentioned them) but seriously these guys made this work. However i was talking about sponsors like Henessy and Coca Cola; really though Coca Cola was handing out free coke to people in attendance; err what more do you want?

Okay, AGON, EDC AND BANTU STUDIO put together an amazing show and amazing line up for entertainment with DJ Kenny, DJ DANNY MIX and Abuja’s top DJ TTB kept the music at 100 perscent in between the performance from Abuja’s finest artists, ELLE, EFE ORAKA, CHESO, IMAGZ, DISTRIKT MATTERS and CEF.


Not only was the OUT festival and opportunity to eat, drink and connect, it was an opportunity to appreciate the amazing talent in Abuja; for example i met Isaac of my favourite Nigerian band The ISOMERS and it was awesome talking to him.. I’m talking too much, The OUT Festival was a lituation and yes #IWENTOUT .

P.S Don’t you just love my pom pom headband? Its my absolute favourite buy from Forever 21. And yes i didn’t talk about the fashion at the OUT Festival, because true to God we will have to do three posts, lol, no but, really Abuja peeps are quite laidback (except for the few outrageous people) and sort of know how to dress for the ocassion..

So yeah, that’s the last post of the year and what a year it has been. I do hope that new year brings a lot more growth and positivity in all our endeavours but this will be all talk if we don’t put in the neccesary work. So next year i plan to WALK THE TALK… Until next year lovelies. Let me know your thoughts on Abuja events and ways they can inprove.



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