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Welcome to the new year, I know its been a really slow start to the year but i’ve been trying to figure out the direction I  want my life to go in and especially the direction I want this blog to go in. Now that I think I have gotten that sorted to an extent, (further reflection wouldn’t hurt) we can get started this year. Iplan to create more content and explore my creativity. Enough of all that, lets get into the post.

Its crazy its 2017 already, Its funny how one’s birthdate gets you all reflective (January 29) just sneaking that in there. I’m a 90s kid and i’ve been feeling very retrospective in all ways, to the tv shows and movies and even 90s fashion and i was inspired to do a 90s shoot, with some of my favorite fashion and beauty trends of the 90s.

Clueless was one of the biggest movies in the 90s and it was an explosion of fashion, one of the major fashion trends, which i’m taking my cue from is the mixed patterns trend especially, plaid and tartan and checker. Another fashion trend i loved was the halter neckline, it was just the way to show skin.  Another favourite trend was the makeup looks, a lot of browns and nudes and also  lots of lined lips.

So, these are the 90s trends i styled for this shoot; Mixed patterns, halter, lined lips.

I had the most fun styling this look and i even snuck in a little DIY as well. I DIYed a halter lace bralette (seeing as i needed a little lingerie in my closet) and i had the most fun doing it. I’m talking too much, here are some of the pictures from the first shoot of the year.

VSCO Flat lay



This was not just styled to be retro, these pieces of clothing actually are. The top and the shorts belonged to my mother when she was younger and i’ve always wanted to use them for something special and this to me was the right occasion.

I have so many pictures on this post because i couldn’t bring myself to narrow down the collection further than these, Oreva my friend worked magic with his camera it was difficult to choose. The location didn’t help make the decision easier  either; for Abuja residents this location wouldn’t be difficult to recognize, its the Cyprian Ekwensi Centre for Arts and Culture, Area 10.

Please let me know which picture you like the most and if your willing to try out the 90s look and if you already have, how you did so?

P.S did you peek that lace bralette under the shirt?



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  1. 90s style I can deal with, infact 90s style seems not so bad in retrospect. I mean, there’s early the 2000s baggy fad. Oh Lord! The horror! By the way, I’m gearing for the birthday shenanigans.

    1. Lol, Jimi. You just gave me inspiration for a 2000s look. And sad to say no birthday shenanigans.

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