#SLAYFestival – My Story

I’m so excited to write this post and this is because I was excited about the SLAY Festival from the first day I found out about it, even before I knew all that it entailed. So I went on the She Leads Africa website and as soon I saw the schedule and the list of people who were going to be at the event. I was going to do whatever to attend even though it was all the way in Lagos.

Let’s Fast forward to Saturday the 21st of January. That morning started out so good, I was beyond excited until my first Uber kept me waiting for thirty minutes totally cutting down my time management for that morning, well I cancelled that Uber and got another. We made it to Ebute Metta in record time but then spent like 20 minutes trying to locate the railway compound . I was so upset at being late (if you know me, you know I hate being late).

The Venue, though difficult to find made for the most amazing backdrop for pictures, through out the day I overheard bloggers say they would comeback to shoot for their blogs.

I made it anyways, a little late but I made it. As you walk through the door the most celebratory music played by Gangan  or talking drum players greets you.  So the first thing and the major selling point for my attending the #SLAYFestival was the opportunity to meet with a business consultant.. it was a bit of a hassle to finally get a seat in front of one of those business consultant. There were a bit of organization issues with the SME corner and Masterclasses but I understand, because there were a lot of us at that compound. The consultant I saw gave some pretty good advice and made all the stress and the journey from Abuja to Lagos worth it.

After I met with the consultant I could actually enjoy the rest of the festival . I took the next hour and a half to network and introduce my self to people and exchanged business cards with some pretty interesting people. Listening to Arese Ugwu author of The Smart Money Woman and Toke Makinwa author of On Becoming on how to build a brand was quite educating especially about not expecting overnight success and appreciating your small beginnings and working hard in those beginnings.

There was a bit of a break in between and I went to put my name down for henna at The Henna Place’s booth and getting my nails done at Beauty in Lagos … yes as an OGA MADAM ( can I just say I love SLA terminology) I got free henna and a free manicure ( no jokes). Oh another highlight of my day was the Maggi Jollof Rice Bar which I had been looking forward to for weeks.

Another forum I enjoyed was the From Contact to Contract talk with Lamide Akintobi, Zippy, Rose Umane and Bukky Karibi-Whyte. Bukky was like a bucket of cold water especially in revealing the harsh realities of running a business but Bukky was most encouraging especially when she speaks with you in person. My favorite few minutes of the day, however,  was hearing Falana perform live and it was awesome getting to meet her; she is a delight and hopefully she performs in Abuja soon..

Fringe Sisters

Okay what about the fashion; I mean I could not go all the way to Lagos to an event called the SLAY Festival and not SLAY and obviously expect others to slay… I came dressed in a pretty simple White dress and an amazing Raffia hat from the Arts and Crafts Village in Abuja and Gafa  fringe sandals let’s not leave out my Asos fringed tribal Knapsack..


First off Denola Grey took over Bella Naija Style’s instagram and he came appropriately dressed for the weather ( it was as hot as an oven) .


However at this festival I wasn’t looking at the celebrity guests I was looking at the other attendees and how they came to slay .

This looks like something I’d wear

She Leads Africa did an amazing job and I want to use this opportunity to call out Abuja bloggers and prospective Motherland Moguls (another SLA term) to get together and create our own SLA community that way we can have SLA events in Abuja. I had a fun day and I met cool people.

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  1. Sounds quite fun, I saw tons of pictures on this, would have loved to attend and yeah I do hope Abuja tries something like this. Love the backdrop, I would go back too.

     Princess Audu 

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