Styling the Mom Jeans | Denim and White

The Mom jeans has become a phenomenon and has taken over the closets of every denim lover that exists… the Mom jeans is reminiscent of a style of denim mostly worn in the 80’s by ‘Moms’ (what does that even mean) .

Over the last 2 years… a lot of bloggers and fashion influencers have talked about styling the Mom jeans and so I decided to finally do this and being my crazy awesome self I decided to style two trends and fashion holy grails in one look; the Mom jeans and the White shirt and Denim trend.

White button down shirt has proven over the years to be the perfect companion of and price of denim as it provides a clean, crisp , corporate-casual vibe and the perfect minimalist aesthetic.

So to style the Mom jeans I put a twist on wearing a crisp white button shirt with denim. How? You may ask… Well I wore my white shirt backwards ( everyone had been doing the how to wear you button down differently post and so I joined in the fun, showed a little back and looked like I was wearing a straight jacket), okay back to the post.
Weirdly enough wearing the shirt backwards wasn’t uncomfortable and I could decide how much back I wanted to show, and an open back allows air in so you don’t suffocate.

(I seem to ramble in these posts , it’s because I talk to much when I’m comfortable and I guess I’m comfortable talking to you guys… here I go again, stop the rambling and here are some pictures guys)





Outfit Details

White Shirt: Thrifted

Mom Jeans: Vintage Closet 9ja

Sandals: A friend made them for me

Tote: A recent DIY project of mine which I do plan to share with you on the blog soon.

P.S: how you like my makeup no makeup face…

P.P.S : these pictures were taken by the amazing Ifeoma of Lifestyle by Janet. She’s a total sweetheart and a new friend

6 Replies to “Styling the Mom Jeans | Denim and White”

  1. I really liked your outfit girl. Was actually planning on taking some shots of your look, don’t know why it slipped my mind. I like the simplicty. The shirt styled backwards is a nice touch and yes to the DIY tote, very trendy.

    Princess Audu

    1. Thanks Demi. Mom jeans just make everyone look cool. I look forward to reading your blog and hopefully see you here again

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