Hi guys , so this post is a little difficult to write, i’ve been in a bit of a slump (i’m tired of saying that) and I’m happy to say i’m slowly getting out of it. So here we go!

I live in Abuja, Nigeria fondly called the ‘buj (by who i don’t know; i just have never heard an Abuja resident call it that) and one of the major topics of discussions lately and practically all the time is the weather. Our weather never seems to be just right and thats probably because its always too hot for words. In the past couple months its been so hot even the air is hot.

I’m one of the many Fashion lovers who hate to dress for the weather, especially because the weather is so tempramental and changes at a whim; Abuja weather has been teasing us with hints of rain, the clouds darken and then in 5 minutes its back to the devilish heat. So from the post title this is supposed to a list of basics to get you through the weather in the ‘buj .

  • Find the perfect T-shirt bra; find the most comfortable bra that you can. For me thats a bra with no wires digging into my back and, no lines showing through my top just the perfect comfort in the heat
  • Lightweight, cotton, fabrics that breathe. V-necks, tanks and anything that lets in what ever miniscule amount of air there is.
  • Find a really good deodorant. i cannot    stress this enough, deodorant, deodorant , deodorant.
  • Gather a collection of lightweight, barely there makeup products; in the Abuja heat you dont want to feel and look like your face is melting.
  • find a pair of awesome sunglasses to protect your eyes from the scorching sun
  • Finally hair, for me whatever doesn’t stick to my back and makes me feel all clammy;  short hair, be it wigs or my natural hair just so air can touch my neck and back. A bun or ‘shuku ‘

But what would a blog post be without pictures; so here i am in an oversized shirt worn off the shoulders (for the air of course) and a corduroy button front skirt ( I need more button front skirts)




P.S The painting is by my Uncle , Frank Ogbiti and the photos taken by his daughter my cousin and bestie Ruby. ( yes my family is artistic)

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    1. Hi, Subomi. I’m glad you like it. Right now is battle as to what to do with my hair right now. My natural hair has been out for way too long and I’m trying to figure out what to do with my hair. So any ideas will be welcome

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