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So right now Nigeria is experiencing an economic reccession and its tough, i’m so broke right now, shopping is on hold, thrifting however is bae, hand me downs and free stuff will be truly appreciated. But no matter how bad the reccession is my dreams are mine and my wishes still hold sway. So i decided to do a post on all the stuff that’s on my fashion wishlist. So here we go!

First is the entire Johanna Ortiz Fall 2017 Ready to Wear collection, like for real, are you kidding me, im in love. The prints, the sleeves, the cut, just everything, so in love. If you’re seeing this Johanna Ortiz, hook a sister up (insert winky face). Here are two of my favorite pieces from the collection:

Next are Embellished Shoes ; below are two that i’m dying for but Naira exchange rate won’t let me be great. First is the ASOS SMOKIE Embellished Heeled Loafers which went for £40.00 but are out of stock in my size. The other is the ASOS PALL MALL Bridal Embellished Heels which are currently £65.00 (kuku kill me).

Let’s talk purses; I love clutches, absolutely adore clutches, cannot describe my love for clutches. Here are a few that are on the top of my list. First is the ASOS Cage Sphere Clutch Bag which goes for £25.00 (you can see how much i love it, its the featured image), next is the ChiChi London Round Hard Clutch Bag and it goes for £32.00 on ASOS. I just want to add this even though i’m not a wallet girl but the detail on this River Island purse is divine and its £18.00 only on ASOS

Finally two trends on my wishlist that i’m dying to try; well i’ve actually tried one already, are the shirt backwards trend and the paperbag waist trend. Like i said i’ve tried the backwards shirt trend but not like it is done in this ASOS Jumpsuit that sells for £50.00. The paperbag waist trend is huge right now on runways and stores on skirts and pants and cullotes, i’m in love, to be honest i’m still trying to figure out how to make one for myself and when i do figue it out, i’ll share it with you. Below is one of my favorite renditions of the paperbag waist trend from the Mara Hoffman Fall 2017 ready to wear collection… get ready to scream AESTHETIC GOALS.

In conclusion(i sound like i’m in a secondary school debate), these are all the fashion items i’m loving right now and wishing that i had, but for reals; gift ideas anyone, just to show you care… hit me up.

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  1. Fam wishlist is always a good idea, things would definitely get better so we would be good.
    Love the clutches, they all look so good damn!!

  2. If wishes were horses… you know the rest. Thrifting is always a major alternative and lifesaver. We all hope the economy gets better so we can cop’ the items of our dreams.

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