90’s Red Carpet Fly

I LOVE THE 90S! If you don’t know this about me, its not because i haven’t said it before, you just might be new to the blog space and if that is the case then here’s a huge welcome, no for real, i’m practically crushing you in a bear hug , or is it the other way a round, either ways, welcome!

Now let’s get into it. I love the 90s and any chance i get to talk about 90s fashion, music, movies, you name it, i’ll take it. Today’s post is a chance to show my love for the late 90s specifically, the TV shows and the fashion. Throwback to the 90s Kid post on the blog early this year which was inspired by a few trends and one of the biggest teen-esque movies in the 90s ; Clueless. This post however is inspired by one of the most amazing TV shows of the 90s, which i heard was a source of inspiration of sorts for Friends, i’m talking about; Living Single, starring Queen Latifah, Erika Alexander and others.

More specifically, this is a red carpet look inspired by Erika Alexander’s character Maxine Shaw, a smart, beautiful and a bit sarcastic lawyer, her suits just always spoke the truth and a lot of them were mens wear inspired . Writing this post is giving me the feels and i feel like i should go watch re runs of Living Single.

Can i just show you guys pictures so you can see, i can barely hold in my excitement…


I play too much
I play too much
Can there be a post without me laughing, or about too
Can there be a post without me laughing, or about to
I adore my hair
I adore my hair

I hope i did Maxine Shaw justice, and what do you think about my suit and sandals look? Let me know in the comments section.

9 Replies to “90’s Red Carpet Fly”

  1. I love anything related to the 90s too, from the fashion, Tv shows to the music. Now while I’ve heard of the above mentioned shows I’ve actually only watched a couple of episodes. I’d love to when I have time, to watch reruns of those shoes. Now while I’m not a big fan of sandals with suits, I love your blazer and this look is definitely giving me 90s vibes. I however feel a different location would have done better justice.

    Princess Audu

    1. Hi, Sarah. I think you should watch Living Single,it’s a really good show and thanks for the feedback on the location.

    1. Hi, Praise. I think you should watch as many episodes of Living Single as you can, I plan to find more episodes and rewatch it again. Thanks for the love hon

  2. You nailed the 90’s look girl and your hair Love love ❤️
    First time seeing suit and sandals paired together and it looks good ????

  3. I also am a 90s child at heart and I must say fashion trends now are going 90s…I love your look although am not entirely sure on the shoe maybe a vintage green snake-like color male shoe would have worked but all in all you look amazing( I love the hair)

    1. Nice shoe recommendation. I just wanted to go out of the regular and try something new.

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