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Hi guys, its the begining of another week, though it doesn’t feel like it because its a holiday and everyone is home. I am excited to get to this post because it is short and sweet. Let’s get into it.

Social media has taken over the world and almost every one is on one social or the other, pretty cool isn’t it? As a blogger, social media is key to your success, its a huge part of being a blogger and so we spend a lot of time on social media, be it twitter or instagram, facebook (me not so much, i recently joined facebook after being off it for 4 years and it hard getting back in the groove, i almost don’t remember how it works, but i’ll figure it out).

Spending so much time means that after a while you begin to find a few faves, accounts that you have to check up on, probably even turned on post notifications for and like almost every picture. So i created a list of some of my favorite instagram accounts, so here they are:

  • The Bazaar Bohemian; they are a clothing and lifestyle brand who embody being bohemian, i have made it a point to check their instagram frequently.

  • Ene Ijato; Ene is a fellow Nigerian blogger whose instagram screams clean and fresh. Sharp, high quality images are just the tip of the iceberg with Ene. Her blog address is ejatoscanvas.blogspot.ng 

  • Slipintostyle; Elisabeth Delphine is a fashion blogger, whose love for details makes for an extremely eclectic instagram feed and brings color into my life, look for all the amazing details in her shoes, bags, accessories, every where basically.

  • Next is Iliabeauty; so i’m a beauty blogger and i absolutely love new brands popping up, Ilia beauty is an organic, vegan, cruelty free beauty brand and their instagram just appeals to me on all levels.

  • Desi Perkins; as a makeup lover, YouTube was and still is my go to, all i know about makeup i learned on YouTube i often joke that i’m a graduate of YouTube beauty school, one of the first makeup channels i ever visited was Desi Perkins and her brow tutorial changed my life, seriously and her instagram feed is the stuff of dreams especially as her husband is a maestro at taking pictures.

  • Hayden Williams; another thing I’m obsessed with is fashion illustration and one of my favorite illustrators is Hayden Williams, his art is so beautiful, I’m in love is all I can say


So there go my favorite Instagram accounts, go check them out and tell me what you think. If you already follow them, tell me why?

My twitter and Instagram are @vanessa_ohaha let’s hang out on social.



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