How to Wear Trad to Work- A Pictorial

The different  traditional attire of Nigerians is an important facet of our culture and we love them so much. So much that ‘Casual Friday’ in Nigeria is wear Traditional to work Friday.  So I decided to do a how to wear trad to work, specifically how to wear a Buba to work.

I was inspired by a look that my mother wore when she was still in Uni, she told me of how she once wore a buba and a black corduroy  skirt to class and how everyone looked at her like she was weird.  I wanted to pay homage to that look by styling something very similar and I feel so excited because I’m using the same buba that she wore. This look is also inspired by a look that Jane Michael Ekanem styled for Tiwa Savage for the Get It Together music video.

So let me just show it to you.

I paired my moms buba with pants  that used to be hers as well …. you know as per the #handmedownqueen and a white button down shirt.

The pictures were taken by my amazing cousin…

Tell me what you think and yes I actually would wear this out. I went for a vintage-y edit for nostalgic reasons.

17 Replies to “How to Wear Trad to Work- A Pictorial”

    1. Hi Fisayo, good to see you again. I was really excited to shoot this and I’m so happy with the reception it’s getting.

  1. I love how you layered the buba with a white shirt. It’s just so cool!

    1. Hi, Collins. I’m glad you love it. My mom was skeptical about layering the shirt but I’m happy that you guys love it

  2. This is creativity at its peak plus your mum must have been a style icon while growing up and she didn’t know. Well done girl.

  3. Awwww Issa nice ?. I really love the whole layered look and the neutral color scheme you got going. Shout out to stylish Mom’s who have passed on such wonderful DNA ??

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