Retro Striped Sweater

Yo Yo Yo it’s another Wednesday and so it’s an outfit post. This is very sentimental for me as well as low budget, seeing as I have no money. So I styled this retro sweater that used to belong to my mother. Funny enough, two days ago on twitter, Blogger babe Brownie and I were talking how we’re retro because we’re broke. So we wear stuff that are our mom’s or that they used to wear.

This look is extremely sentimental to me because my mom wore this sweater a lot while she was pregnant with me. To add a bit more sentiments, I was conceived in the month of May. I do hope to wear this sweater when i’m pregnant with my child (whenever in the future that may be). And pass it down to my daughter as some sort of family heirloom.

Something I truly would love to do id  create a collective of vintage and retro pieces of clothing, curated and collected from grandmothers and moms across the world. I don’t know what i’d call it but its a future goal.

However, lets get some pictures into this post only because the pictures are amazing and shot by my amazing friend Oreva. The location was one  I spied with my little eye on the road close to my current residence. Its a junkyard of sorts with abandoned, trucks and old traffic lights and random stuff and as soon as I saw this location I  knew i wanted it for this shoot in particular.

Finally, Lets get into it!





Outfit Details

Retro Sweater- My mom’s

Skirt- My grandma bought it for mee

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars.

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    1. Oreva, my amazing friend. You know I can’t use all the pictures. And these are my favorites.

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