Street Style Basics

Street style has become a fashion pillar all on its own. Staged or not, street style fashion is cool, chic and screams awesome!

Fashion designers create street style collections to plug into this wide door of opportunity. Street style is one fashion style that will continue to remain trendy because it changes with the times and the seasons and can be recycled and still pop. For instance 90s Street Style is making a huge comeback in all sorts of ways.

So to help you implement Street Style into your everyday wardrobe, I created this post. Here’s  what you need.

  • A cool, midi or maxi pleated skirt. Mine is a pleated skirt that used to belong to my mother.
  • Sneakers or boots or a chunky heel . My sneakers  are from Red Tag

  • A funky band tee or a funny tee shirt . A friend gifted this tee to me and it says Respect the Beard.
  • A cool jacket; maybe an old denim jacket or your varsity jacket or like I did a leather jacket (mine has a sequined shoulder detail).
    You could diy some hand painted details on your jacket or sneakers

  • Oh and finally a cool street to take pictures on. Mine is not so cool because it’s still under construction but you gotta make do right?


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  1. Something about metallic skirts make any outfit pop. I love this look and the leather jacket so much.

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