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Hi guys, welcome back to the Style By Ohaha blog space. In a bid to help you guys get to know me better, this week there won’t be an outfit post but I do plan to keep the space filled with good stuff.

So let’s get into today’s post. As a blogger, content creator I live most of my life on my phone and this is not just me, almost the whole world has their lives in their smartphones. So you can tell a lot about a person from their phone, this post is to give you a front seat view into me by giving you a peek into what’s on my phone .

First my lock screen is a picture from my 90s Red Carpet Fly post which I really loved . Oh and my mom took that picture.


Next are my home screens and here you get to see my apps .

So on the first screen is just the regular stuff; messages, camera (oh my iPhone camera has been a savior many a moon)  and other stuff.


Next screen is what I call my miscellaneous screen ; Candy Crush, Subway Surfer, Uber, Deezer(if you know you know), SoundCloud which I’m obsessed with because I find my Nigerian Artists on oh and most important on this page is the JW Library app.


Next my Social Media Screen; Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest (yes I consider it social) Whatsapp, Musically (which is awesome)


Next is Photography/Editing apps page; So it’s Snapseed, VSCO, ColorStory, Fotor for editing my pictures. I have Polyvore on there as well. Planoly for planning my Instagram feed. Canva and Vanillapen for Blog graphics. Oh and YouTube is the only video thing on there.


Finally is my favorite page on my phone and it will give you more insight into who I am as a person. The Books Page: Scribd is one of the worlds largest online library and you can personalize your account with your interests be it educational, fitness and health  books,fiction, you name it! Wattpad is also another fave of mine a place for unpublished and published authors to put up works of art and many a Wattpad authors have gone to New York Times Bestsellers lists. Radish is another online sharing site for authors. Adobe Acrobat and IBooks. IMG_5262


So there it is, I want to know in the comments what does my phone say about me and I would like you to be honest. Infact I feel like my phone just shows how boring I am. But I still would love to know what you think.

See you Wednesday.


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  1. Your phone definitely defines you as an artistic person. It tells me you are a game lover and definitely a lover of books which means you are in the know about everything. Simply put your phone tells me you are a unicorn.?

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