Makeup Review- Makeup Revolution

Hi guys, so it’s been a while since I posted on a Monday, it’s amazing to be back. Today is another beauty post. I’m reviewing makeup brand that I love ; Makeup Revolution.

So I did a mini haul, when I say mini I mean mini, really small. So I got the Flawless Resurrection Palette, the Renaissance Day and Night palette. The Ultra Face Base Primer.

So I did swatches of the eyeshadows and I’m going to be telling you about The pigmentation and then the texture.

To start with is the Renaissance palettes. The packaging is just beautiful. They look like mini clutch purses. So beautiful

First is the Renaissance Day Palette and here’s what is looks like. The inside has this beautiful rose gold plating. So beautiful (I’m going to say beautiful a lot).

So the Day Palette has matte shades and they’re just cool toned shades. I’ll show you the swatches and then we’ll talk pigmentation and formula and texture.

So the eyeshadows are really creamy which is amazing instead of being chalky. I made sure it was just one swipe to show how pigmented it is in one swipe, with no primer. So I went from the lightest shade to the darkest shade.

Next is the Renaissance Night Palette.

The Night Palette has a shimmery shades (I think the shimmers are my favorites) let’s just get into the swatches.

So I feel like the Night Palette is way more pigmented. Again this is just one swipe and one rub on the shade. I absolutely love the darkest shimmer shades. It’s so beautiful and so me. I cannot wait to test it out on my face (hopefully I do a post on the look).


Next is the 3rd installment in the Flawless palettes the Flawless Resurrection palette. A 32 shade eyeshadow palette with mattes and a few shimmer shades. I wish I could show you what the packaging looked like, I couldn’t photograph it because it’s beautiful holographic rose gold packaging that is reflective so no pictures. But I’ll show you the inside though.

So horizontally there are 8 shades on a row and that is how I swatched them . This is the first row of shades. All matte bone highlight shades or for a base.

So there’s are a few shimmers on this row . I am of the opinion however that the Resurrection Palette is not a pigmented as the Renaissance palettes.

Next is the third row. Again a lot more matte shades that I feel would really pop with an eyeshadow prime underneath. Again if you’re lighter than me, these might pop a bit more on your skin.

The final row has a few of my favorite shades, a lot of warm tones and a few pinks.

The first two shades barely show up on my skin but the others make an appearance. I do feel that with a primer they will pop more and they are buildable.

So a summary of my thoughts on the eyeshadows. The Renaissance palettes are extremely pigmented and very buildable. The Flawless Resurrection Palette is not as pigmented as the Renaissance palettes but can be buildable as well and with an eyeshadow primer it would pop.


I decided to show you what the consistency of the primer looks like.

So it is a silicone consistency. It has very tacky feel in the skin and when it comes to primers tacky is good, it means that your makeup sticks to your primer which is on your face. I have extremely oily skin an I have used this twice it did last me a few hours around my T-zone where I am most oily but with reapplication of powder it holds through the day.


So there  it is guys my Makeup Revolution mini haul review. I hope to do more reviews in the future and hopefully in collaboration with Makeup Revolution. See you guys Wednesday for a new post.

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