Hi guys, so sorry this post is coming a day late but better late than never right? At least I hope you think so.

If you follow me on social media specifically Instagram you would already have guessed the theme of this post especially with the post title and featured image.  I am however, going to put you out of your misery.

This post is based on one of my favorite Young Adult books of all time (drum roll please) : The Carrie Diaries. This book was the basis for one of the biggest movies if not the biggest movie of 2008; Sex and the City ( this post was supposed to be called Ohaha and the City, but I changed my mind I guess) and later the CW show The Carrie Diaries.

The tv show was a prelude to the Sex and the City Movie which was based on the book, it was 1984 and Carrie Bradshaw was first introduced to New York. I absolutely loved the coming of age and exploratory theme of the book and the Tv Show.

If you are a lover of Sex and the City or The Carrie Diaries you will know that Carrie Bradshaw is a fashion icon in her own right and one of the contributing factors to her fashion icon status was her staple accessory; a purse that used to belong to her mother which ended up as a DIY project; here’s a picture . One of my favorite scenes from the TV Show was watching Carrie embellish this bag with some nail polish.


I’ve gone on and on about my inspiration for this post let’s get into this post. I was inspired to style a look that I think screamed Carrie but still screams Vanessa. Carrie is a lover of prints and color, while I’m a lover of black, so how’d I merge these two. Here are a few pictures.


I paired a floral Vintage Jacket that I thrifted with another floral boxy MAX C Crop top that I bought on asos three years ago and a black MRP Skirt ( I wanted to pair it with a white tulle skirt I had made but I couldn’t find it ) with a pair of nude heels that my aunt gifted to me.

Oh and before I forget I paired it with a DIY purse of my own .

Shooting this look took two days just because we live in a country that likes to put boundaries on the most ridiculous things and makes issues for its citizens where there should be none. However we finally got it and I hope you love it.

Photography: Temidayo Johnson

4 Replies to “THE OHAHA DIARIES”

    1. Thanks Fisayo, it’s great to have you back. I adore Sex and the City just as much. Glad you like it

  1. Hey Vanessa I really love this look and the DIY purse. Please share the deets of the diy please???.2days for a shoot, I’m guessing some people didn’t want to allow pictures because it was on a major road. I wonder when we’ll stop stressing over little things as such. Glad you still got great shots, looking forward to that DIY post please. ???

    1. Hi!!!! Thanks girl. So that was my first time doing the bag, I have perfected the way to get it even better, so maybe soon a DIY post. Yes girl two days oh, so we had gone into an inner street hoping to take pictures when the security guards of a certain building (I won’t name names) proved difficult. Taking on a major road the second day was even easier.

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