Hi Guys, (this is like my go to introduction)

I’m extremely excited about this post because this is my first brand collaboration and it was facilitated by Nigerian Fashion Bloggers who have become a place where brands and bloggers can connect and I happen to be one of those bloggers.

About two weeks ago I hosted Nigerian Fashion Bloggers Snapchat takeover and one of the major reasons  was so I could do an unboxing for my collaboration with Suyi Designs a female clothing brand in Nigeria. This review is the second part of my collaboration with Suyi Designs.

During the unboxing I gave my first impressions of the garment I received (the kind people at Suyi sent me a beautiful dress). In this post  I will be giving an in depth review of the dress. So here’s how it’s going to go; I’ll talk about the positives and then the negatives and then a summary of my thoughts as a whole. First off  though, pictures




Lets talk about the positives! First positive is the fabric; I got an Ankara dress but honestly if I wasn’t told in the packaging that it was Ankara, I would have thought it was just a nice floral printed cotton fabric. Now I’m not one to wear floral but it was a nice print.

Next positive the hand sewn pearls and little flowers around the neckline . You can tell that a lot of work went into placing those flowers and pearls in that order. I do appreciate the dedication to seeing that design element through.

Another positive is the Silhouette. I like the pencil dress shape. It’s tried and tested why fault it.

So that’s it for the positives on to the not so great parts about the garment I promise you they’re not a lot and can easily be fixed. But for the sake of honesty and balance and fairness i have to mention them.


Okay so the major negative is practicality. I know you’re wondering what I’m saying but that’s the only word that comes to mind. Let me explain; if you saw the unboxing you’d remember that there was a zip in the front of the dress and a running seam at the back. So on the first impressions it looked like a cool design element and it still could be but that zip isn’t functional, because the zip ends right at my waist which makes it really difficult to wear. So I plan to take advantage of the seam at the back and put a zip so that I can wear it easily.


So to roundup, it was a beautiful  dress. with a few quirks that when I fix I can wear more often.

I did my best to be fair and honest and I hope that comes through in my words.

I want to say I’m thankful for the opportunity and looking forward to more brand collaborations, hopefully with Suyi and others. It was an amazing opportunity.


    1. Hi Uzo welcome to the Style by Ohaha blog space. I was feeling myself hence the pose to highlight the glow. I did chose the background to flow with the dress. Thanks for noticing and commenting.

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