Peach Explosion

Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay this post was supposed to go up Wednesday but because I still don’t have a camera I’m at the mercy of a lot of elements. It was a long road here but we’re here.

Recently I’ve been exploring the more girly side of my style. I’m mostly bohemian and minimalist with a tomboy edge but I’m softening up those edges for this post and wearing colors that I most likely wouldn’t wear even if I had a gun to my head; Peach or Coral ( I can’t decide what this fabric is).

I’m also exploring the Japanese culture, because it has always appealed to me, the marriage of a relationship with nature and the appreciation of industry just made perfect sense to me. While I was exploring I came across an article of clothing that I loved so much I wanted to make it ; the traditional Haori Jacket. I went on YouTube scouting for videos on how to make it till I found a DIY video on MadebyYaya, a DIY fashion channel. I decided to make one for myself and paired it with a pair of wide leg pants that I also made in a lovely peachy, coral toned polished cotton.

I think I’m going to stop talking because there are so many beautiful pictures in which I look like a refreshing peach sorbet on a really hot day. My Amazing friend Oreva did an awesome job (he will not let me hear word now oh). Here they are .




The above is when we dance


So there you have it the only way I will wear anything remotely close to pink is in a co ord. I love this look, I hope you love it too. If you do let me know in the comments section if I should make this for sale and if you would buy.

Till next time lovers.

4 Replies to “Peach Explosion”

    1. Hi Adoorah, welcome to the blogspace. I’m glad that the pieces look that look. Thank you so much ❤️

  1. Love love love this look. The wide legged pant looks very comfortable and easy, the bow detail adds a touch of style to what could pass for a pyjama bottom. Teamed up with the jacket and in that color, its simply chic. I would buy it in a heart beat.

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