Double Exposure

Hi guys,

Its the outfit post for the week. Now this is a look that i do not do often because i feel like it could go wrong very quickly but i decided to try it out this week. If you have noticed every outfit post this month has something i made in the look and todays post is no different.

This look is a major trend that has always gotten mixed reviews, its Double Denim. I know about the whole don’t wear the same wash jeans (same tone) and all that jazz but i’m scared of looking like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears in 2004.

To try this look out, i made a denim wrap top with frayed edges all around, no edge was hemmed, with a pair of slim fit mom jeans. This is my first time making a wrap anything and so it might not look perfect however, its practice that makes perfect, next i’m going to make a wrap dress. However i do think my denim wrap top looks pretty nice for a first try. I chose a really dark wash denim to make my top and my jeans were a lighter blue wash.

Here are a few pictures



Okay so that’s how I served double exposure on double denim. Tell me what you think in the comments section. Until next time.

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