Naked Heat!

Hi guys!

This past Saturday was the Abuja Makeup Fair and I did a mini haul which I will show you on my Instagram story. While i was there I was hoping to find someone who had the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette and then do an eyeshadow look for the blog using the palette but that didn’t happen.

On my way home though I got to thinking about all the dupes for this palette that existed before its release; like the NYX Ultimate Eyeshadow in Warm Rust, and of course the OG of warm eyeshadows the Morphe 35O palette which is a beaut. Now neither of these palettes are exact dupes for the Naked Heat Palette but I think combined they probably will be. (I’ve also been trying to get my hands on the NYX one but haven’t gotten it yet, when I do you guys will know).

I did however, create a warm toned brown and rusted eyeshadow look with my trusty 35O palette. I will tell you how I created this look, first a picture of the look.

Here’s a picture showing you exactly which shades i used, then we’ll talk.

In my crease I used those two shades numbered 1, to get the right, orangey red shade. Next still in my crease I used a lighter brown shade which is numbered 2. To deepen my crease and outer corner of my lid I used 3 which is my favorite dark brown shade ever (I’ve hit pan and I’m sad) Then on my lid I went in with that coppery shimmer shade numbered 4.  I didn’t want a wing so I ran some kajal pencil along my lash line and blended it into my lower lash line.

There you have it, my Naked Heat inspired makeup look.

Before you ask that disrespectful glow is my usual and all time fave from a Nigerian brand is the Hegai and Esther Flash Pan.

Also I was experimenting with darker brows, a friend gifted me with L.A Colors brow pencil/eyeliner which turned out to be black,so i thought before I relegated them to eyeliner service only why not try out dark brows. A little product goes a long way. Looking at the images I’m not a huge fan of black brows, but hey you live and learn right. Tell me what you think about black brows.

List of Products Used

L.A Colors brow pencil

Morphe 35O palette

Hegai and Esther Duo Cover Photo Perfect Foundation in the shade bronze

L.A Girl pro conceal in the shade Toast and Toffee

Hegai and Esther Duo Cover Powder in the shade Cocoa 1

Tara Contour Palette in shade Dark

Hegai and Esther Flash Pan

Tara lipstick in the shade Jemila

Hegai and Esther Velvet Matte lipstick in the shade Melanin.

Okay, now that’s it. Connect with me on Instagram and Twitter @vanessa_ohaha

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