Monotoned-Grace Alex Inspired

Hi guys!

So, it’s another blogger inspired outfit post and I promise this is the last one (for now) but I couldn’t close it out without this one.

I’m sure from the title you know who inspired this post; Grace Alex, Abuja based blogger and entrepreneur creator of Gafa Sandals and recently Georgetown student (so proud of her).  Grace’s style is so vintage influenced it’s beautiful however that’s not the aspect of her style that I’m exploring, this time its how she always does and kills the monotoned look. When Grace wears one color she wears different shades and hues of that color so it doesn’t look like boring and sometimes loud and in your face .

So, i took a cue from Grace and decided to try out the monotoned look and try to do it like Grace would,different hues and shades. So i chose Brown (which Grace has done on a few occasions) lets just get into pictures right?

So I’ve been feeling very laid back lately and I have a feeling it’s because of the rains and i went for a laid back everyday, run errands type of outfit with a bohemian twist which is my thing. I paired dark brown  culottes with a nude bodysuit and a striped blanket cape and slides and a tan bucket bag.

These colors are all earth toned, warm colors. I love this look so much. Tell me what you think, did i do monotoned well? How would you wear monotones?

Outfit Details

Brown Culottes- inherited from my mother

Bude body suit- Diy from an old tank top

Striped blanket cape- Asos (my cousins)

Slides – Gafa Sandals ( so I didn’t wear this on purpose it was while i was taking pictures that it clicked that i was doing a Grace Alex inspired look and wearing Gafa)

Bucket bag – Also a possession of my cousin.

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    1. Thanks hon, it was so funny because usually i would have caught it and be like that’s cheesy Vanessa no. But i was so caught up in making sure my shades of brown worked to catch that

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