How I Destress

Hello hello hello,

I’m back and I missed you guys, even though it’s been just a week. I needed to take a chill pill as I cannot come and kill myself.

Let’s head straight into today’s post, as you can see from the title we’re talking how I destress. I’m sure you’re wondering why I didn’t just say How to Destress, however I will not presume to be an authority in relaxation techniques which is why I would rather share with you what works for me as an individual.

P.S : this is just a words only post guys.

Like everyone else I get stressed from time to time and especially as a Full time blogger, I’m under pressure to create and publish content that has appeal for my readers and can attract new readers. Then there’s the pressure to promote, maintain an online presence, and so on. It can get a little overwhelming which is why you see a lot of bloggers going on breaks from their blogs to recharge. So here’s how I destress apart from taking a break from my blog.

First of, I know the early signs of stress  for example, a quickening in my heart rate, sometimes a quesy feeling like I’m about to throw up and I try not to let it get to the point where I can’t take it anymore.

It might seem cliche but I pray for a measure of calm and peace.

This might seem like a DUH thing but just take deep breaths

Then I listen to the most soothing playlists in my music and get my heart rate down a bit, drown out the stress with music.

Next is I read a mindless book, not one of those books that make you think, the idea is to think a little less.

Next I treat myself to a little snack, a chocolate bar and a bottle of Coca Cola. This is just to get a little sugar in me.

Oh yeah, I take a soak in the tub with some healing bath salts, and some scented candles.

The last one is my favorite;  back away from the screens, I don’t mean TV, because for some people TV is relaxing. I mean your phone and computer and tablet. For me these are the very things making me stressed, so yeah I keep them away for some time.

There you have it how I destress. Let me know in the comments how you destress and what works the best for you.

Till the next post guys.

8 Replies to “How I Destress”

  1. Really nice!??
    I have a similar routine too but I am a YouTube junkie so I treat myself to some weird but satisfying videos.?

  2. I’ll recommend lots of sleep somewhere quiet. Last Christmas, I was at my Aunt’s place, no worries about work or cooking, all I did was eat, sleep and have good conversations with family.
    Looking forward to something similar this Christmas.
    oh, and good sex is great for destressing too.

  3. Destressing for me means lots of sleep after reading a boring book and shutting away from the internet!

    Your idea is so interesting. Soaking yourself in a tub is so blissful!??

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