Co Ords : The Ankara Edition

Co-ords, articles of clothing  designed to match each other, a matching set in style, colour, fabric, print etc. Co ords have been around for a while now and still remain a major player every fashion season. It has successfully transitioned from being a trend to a fashion staple.

Hello, hello, hello, guys! Who can tell I’m excited. If you can’t tell, let me spell it out; I AM EXCITED. I adore this look, I adore the pictures and can’t wait to share it with you, but first let me tell you why you need a co ord set in your wardrobe.

Co ords are extremely versatile. However, for a lot of people  it can be daunting to be so matchy matchy, I mean it was a major fashion no-no to match your top and bottoms, however co ords broke that rule which is why it gets so much attention.

How to wear Co-ords

For someone experimenting with a co-ord piece for the first time you want to go for a single tone set, no prints, no patterns just a plain color, however make it a bright color so it can have the desired effect.  Now what you can do to break that up is pair it with a lighter colored shoe, or bag or statement jewelry. The good thing about a co ord is that you can wear it as separates, wear the bottoms alone or the top alone.

If you’re going for a print/patterned co ord, still keep in mind a color palette that you would want, could the print have shades and hues of coral or purple and so when you’re styling it you pick one shade or hue to use in your accessories or just go the entire opposite and your accessories could be a color not present in the pattern or print.

I styled, scratch that. I made and I styled and Ankara co ord piece which I’m extremely excited about, its Ankara and a co ord, I have lived. Here are a few pictures.

So let’s  talk very briefly about this outfit, so I made a collarless jacket with a pair of wide leg pants as a matching co ord set (same fabric). On the inside I wore a navy blue Disney Donald Duck and Daisy t shirt to play of off the blue in the Ankara and then I paired these with my white Asos heels to make the white on the Ankara pop a big more.

So there it is, let me know in the comments section what you think about co ords, are they stylish? Have you ever worn one? Do you plan on purchasing one? Lets connect on twitter, Instagram my handle is @vanessa_ohaha.

6 Replies to “Co Ords : The Ankara Edition”

  1. I love how you styled your Co-ords. I haven’t tried co-ords before but after this post I will definitely try one.

  2. Your ankara print is similar to adire abi? I just love how you wore it over a white pair of shoes. It seems any other color would have made the outlook a bit dull. And yes, co ords are a thing of now time, and your wide leg pants are good decisions!

    Idle head

    1. Hi Oluchi. My Ankara is regular ankara but I never noticed the similarity to adire until you just mentioned it and yes I agree with you on the white shoes, there needed to be a contrasting color or everything would have looked dull. Thanks for taking out the time to comment.

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