Sweater Season- LFDW Style Inspiration

Lagos Fashion and Design Week begins today and I can’t be there.

Hi guys. LFDW begins today and because I am out of the country on a short course I won’t be able to attend, I had planned my outfits and stuff for each day, well that didn’t pan out. So I decided to shoot one of those outfits as inspiration for some of you who might be going one of the days.

This look is entitled Sweater season because its harmattan season in Nigeria but I don’t think Lagos got the memo, it could rain or just be windy so I styled some protective clothing that won’t be completely hot if the weather isn’t so cool.

This look is for people like me who don’t have designers making them clothes to wear. Everything except my shoes in this look wasn’t originally mine. Now they’re in my closet and all I did was mix and match till I found the one.

Here are a few pictures

I paired a mustard yellow ankara, statement sleeved top with a black turtleneck and striped pants. The Ankara top and pants used to belong to my mother when she was younger. The turtleneck top belongs to my cousin and the boots are mine.

Layering things you already have in your closet can give you that LFDW street style ready look .

There it is my look for LFDW day one. Let me know what you think in the comments section and also in my Instagram and Twitter.

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  1. I’m totally vibing with the location, the apartment buildings give it this janded feel. Anyway I digress, I love how you infused bits and pieces from different people to form something special. If you didn’t mention never would have figured out the blouses are layered. Quite simple yet chic for fashion week.

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