Beauty Through the Pain- Nigerian Bloggers for Breast Cancer.

Its October, its breast cancer awareness month and all month long various organizations and individuals have been talking about breast cancer, some even detailing their personal experiences with the disease. A few Nigerian Bloggers from Abuja, Lagos and Ibadan as led by the beautiful Larisa of Larisa Le Fleur and Winifred Atusue have come together to raise awareness and show that there is beauty through the pain.

This post is my way of showing solidarity to all the warriors and the people beside them who fight this battle and show their true beauty.

So i’ll show you a few of the pictures we took in our t-shirts that have our favorite breast cancer awareness slogans. Mine says FIGHT LIKE A GIRL.

Then we will talk a bit  about breast cancer.

Fight Like A Girl; breast cancer patients and survivors are warriors, amazonian in fact


Abuja Bloggers Group 1 (yes there’s two groups) Include:


Sarah of Princess Audu 

Mabel of Mabel Ozumba 

Larisa of Larisa Le Fleur

Oluchi of DLeona Life 

Brownie’s caption and mine share the same sentiments.

Abuja Bloggers Group 2

Kachi of Staples and Style

Portia of Just Porsh

Bella of I Am Brownie


Lagos Bloggers

For Lagos we have;

Ifeoma of Draped in Basics

Wumi of Wumi Tuase

Lade of Lade’s Blog

Nonye of This Thing Called Fashion 

The Pink Ribbon is a symbol to show support for breast cancer awareness

P.S I don’t have images from the Ibadan bloggers , once I do I will update this post and include their links.(the words in black are links to their respective blogs)

What is Breast Cancer? Put simply it is a cancer that develops from breast tissue. A few signs of breast cancer include;

a lump in the breast,

a change in breast shape,

fluid coming from the nipples,

dimpling of the skin etc.

(I am in no way an authority of this subject please visit a health care provider for more information).

A clinical (performed by health care providers) or self breast exam which involves feeling the breast area for lumps or other abnormalities as well as mammography screening are early detection methods.

How to diagnose breast cancer? A biopsy is a medical test commonly performed by a surgeon, an interventional radiologist or cardiologist, who takes out sample cells or tissues to determine the presence or extent of a disease.

There are some people who consider pre emptive surgery which is the removal of both breasts before any cancer is diagnosed especially when there is a history of breast cancer in their family.

Again I say visit a health care provider if you cannot carry out a self breast exam. Also get a mammogram every two years if you’re between the age of 45-74. Be aware of these things and remember, FIGHT LIKE A GIRL and SEE THE BEAUTY THROUGH THE PAIN.

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