Being Touristy – Natural History Museum, London

Hello, hello, hello!

It’s awesome to back on here. So I’ve been in London for two weeks now and have been incredibly busy while being incredibly worried that I cannot create content that I’ve planned for you guys only because I’ve never used a tripod and self shot and I don’t want to waste my time letting my first time be on the content I’ve planned for you guys and end up creating rubbish. So yeah I’m in a bind trying to find someone to help me shoot looks for my blog.

However, I’ve been trying to be incredibly  touristy while I’ve been here and so I’m starting a four part series which begins today and will be posted on the remaining Mondays this month.

My first post is being touristy at the Natural History Museum which I thought was so much fun and so cool. (These posts are going let you in to what I consider being touristy) . So here are a few pictures of the museum and maybe me?

Entering the Red zone at the Natural history museum, London.
entering into the RED ZONE

The first room I went into was the Volcanoes and Earthquakes exhibition which was totally awesome, my day there wasn’t the best because there were a lot of school trips that day and so I couldn’t really have the space to explore the way i wanted to with screaming, excited children in my ears. However i did manage to get some pictures in the dimly lit rooms.

Pele’s hair in the image above is a form of lava. Named after the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, this lava takes on the form of strands of hair. It really does look like strands of hair though right?

Okay this is some awesome fashion right? Sort of looks like Missy Elliot’s outfit in the Supa Dupa fly video, lol.

I interrupt this transmission to show you my entrance into my favorite room in the museum.

Can you tell which room I’m going into? . Let me tell you.  Its the jewels and precious gems exhibit in the museum. I was so excited to be in the presence of so much sparkle.

Jewels and precious tones exhibit at the natural history museum

The rooms were dimly lit but these babies shone like well diamonds and emeralds and rubies etc.

Cue  pictures of taxidermy and skeletons of animals, I mean, it wouldn’t be trip to the natural history museum without pictures of animals.

I had a really good day, ate some waffles with chocolate sauce and drank a nice salted caramel cappuccino outside the museum while watching families skate on the recently opened  Natural History Museum Ice Rink.

Till the next Being touristy post, okay wait there should be a post in between! See ya!

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    1. I’m glad it felt that way. The next being touristy post is even better, not to sound over confident. I feel really good about it.

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