Afrohemian in London…

Hello, hello, hello!

London fashion is impractical to say the least. This post is a personal style post that shows the most impractical thing an Afrohemian would wear  in London. Basically Afrohemian fashion.

I’m back against all odds. It’s been a crazy week. However this post and how I got this images for this post affirm my belief that this is what I want to do and I’m willing to do whatever. Like Madeline Bowden says: “To  get into the fashion industry you have to be obsessed with it”. “You have to have a ridiculous passion for it” .

I’ve been in London for three weeks and I’ve been having a hard time getting someone to help photograph my outfit ideas and so I’ve been worrying obsessively over not creating top notch content while here and with the weather getting consistently worse, its even more worrying.

I decided to take matters into my own hand and asked a stranger to take pictures of me, the first time didn’t work out quite well and so I trashed that idea. However I went to school today and went up to the roof to take pictures of the skyline, mind you I was dressed up in one of my outfit post ideas and a couple of nice, jolly fashion girls ( we’re all fashion girls at LCF) came up to the roof and I asked if one of them would be kind enough to take a few pictures for me and these ones  came out great. So we have an outfit post guys. So I’m going to quit rambling and get to the post.

It is not news that I consider my self a minimalist bohemian who happens to be African, hence the title; Afrohemian. So this post is going to show you the most impractical outfit that an Afrohemian wears in London.

An Afrohemian on the roofs of LCF

Afrohemian in London

Outfit Details

Tulle Dress – Primark

Hoodie – Thrift for N300

Boots – Primark

I decided to show you what the boots look like close up, so here

There it is , the first outfit post of my London Trip and hopefully there will be more. I will work my hardest to ensure that there are.

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5 Replies to “Afrohemian in London…”

  1. Please tell me those boots are a size 5 cuz I need to steal it. You look so calm and graceful. And yes, thank God u finally had an outfit post up!

    1. Sweetie. I’m sorry. They’re a size 8. Glad you love them tho. I’m so excited about getting an outfit post up.

    1. London Fashion is a bit impractical. No one dresses for the cold. Mini skirts and mini dresses. So here’s my take on Impractical London fashion

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