Being Touristy – Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Welcome to part three of the being touristy series. In the last being touristy post, I took you through the Balenciaga, Shaping Fashion exhibit at the Victoria and Albert museum. This post will take you through the V&A museum.

As soon as I came out of the exhibit I was beyond pumped, I was excited to explore the museum, first artifacts I came across were a few pieces of fashion from the 1800’s (this is because I was still in the fashion gallery); This wedding dress and veil from 1812 are so intricately made, okay honestly, I was drawn to that veil.


This post though isn’t about fashion, I feel like I covered that quite a bit in my last post, so I thought to take you through the museum step by step with me. As I exited the fashion gallery, I walked through the grand hall and stopped to revel in the art and found this, when I saw this young woman sketching in the grand hall, I pictured my cousin spending the whole day sketching almost like a crazy person. I will say this , the art at this museum pushes you to create.

Artist sketching in the V&A Museum

Next, I went into the Plywood; Material of the Modern World exhibit. Now I know next to nothing about wood work. It was amazing to see how much plywood had been used over the years to usher in new innovations. From the car below to artisanal furniture. It was enlightening to say the least.

Next, I went into the Cast Court Gallery in the museum. I found and exact replica of Michelangelo’s David in cast form and isn’t he a beaut.

Cast form of Michelangelo's David at the V&A Museum

After that I went into the Asian galleries; South East Asia, China, Japan. I got so into these galleries. I barely took any picture, listened to ancient Asian poetry written on bowls and watched a few short films. Next though was the Medevial gallery and the Iron works gallery.

Arches in the Medevial Gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Here in the hall way are all kinds of iron works, chests, armories, gates, railings. I thought they were incredibly beautiful. The credit to them is how long they have lasted, they have stood the test of time.

So there it is, I hoped you enjoyed trudging through the Victoria and Albert Museum with me. The final post in the being touristy series will be up next week. Until then, connect with me on social media @vanessa_ohaha.

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