Dry Wind Blows Style! (Harmattan Style Tips)

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Welcome to the New Year, with harmattan in full swing, what does it mean for our style? Do we have to shop for all new clothes?

Okay, wrong question to ask, because without stereotyping, Nigerians are the last people to shop for clothing based on seasons and then have to overhaul their wardrobe as each season changes. It is with this knowledge that I write this article. This article will help you work your already existing wardrobe and make it work for harmattan. The rains were pretty ferocious last year, but truth be told the heat didn’t  really make a graceful exit and so we had to make an effort to dress for the heat and be prepared just in case it rains.

However, with the dry season it would be hot and really dry and then cold in the mornings and nights, as the dry wind refuses to let up.  It has been really cold in mornings at least here in Abuja. I personally cannot stand having to dress for weather conditions, especially when I had planned out an amazing outfit and then have to change plans.

So let’s get to the tips on how to survive this harmattan.

Layering for Harmattan  :

Layering is the best thing that happened to harmattan in my opinion and it’s pretty simple; Put pieces un top of other pieces of clothing.

For layering you need a few basics. The basics include: Your favorite Jacket, favorite slip or sheath dress, pair of jeans, Flannel shirt and scarf.

Here’s how to work those basics;

The Slip dress; place a white t-shirt under a slip dress or a sleeveless sheath dress. The t-shirt covers your chest from the cold and dry wind but is airy enough for when the heat hits. Like I did here


Slip dresses in harmattan

Or like was done here

Sheath dress and white tee, harmattan ready

Another way to layer your favorite sheath or slip dress is to throw on your favorite jacket, it could be your college Letterman jacket or your favorite leather biker jacket or just an awesome blazer.

Jeans; God bless jeans! Jeans can provide warmth

Pairing your jeans with a nice cotton flannel shirt automatically gives you a comfy but chic look.

Try a slightly oversize flannel shirt so that there is room for what little air gets in through the heat and when it gets cold wrap a nice scarf around your neck and you’re good to go.

For a comfy chic look this harmattan pair jeans with a flannel shirt
Photo by Eloise Ambursley on Unsplash


Another way to style your jeans is the ultimate jeans and tee shirt pairing and for extra protection from cold throw on a blazer or a bomber jacket . You can never go wrong with jeans , a tee shirt and a jacket,. There’s a certain level of sophistication and cool that it gives you.

Layyour favorite jacket over a tee shirt this harmattan
Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash

I didn’t mention shoes because this may differ with preference. I love a good ankle boot, some sneakers and a nice pump, but that is just me. Pair your outfit with whatever shoes make you feel comfortable.

All in all, bring on harmattan, we are armed and ready to make our way through stylish as ever.

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  1. I have never thought of layering during harmattan and that’s because it’s usually hot and dry in the afternoon. But I love your style suggestions esp the first one. I have something I can replicate it with.
    Thank you Vanessa.

    Q: Is there anyone experiencing sweaty feet this harmattan season? Any remedies? Help a sister.


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